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Unexpected News named Best Children's Film at WYSIWYG Film Festival in San Francisco

News View clip of Katie at the WYSIWYG Awards

Tampa, FL, October 21, 2006: 9-year-old writer/director Katie Collins' first short film, Unexpected News was awarded the Best Children's Film at the 7th Annual WYSIWYG Film Festival. The festival took place October 17-21 in San Francisco, CA.

"I didn't make it to win awards, but I a very happy that it won. They must have really liked my movie," said the young Miss Collins. After learning that earlier in the evening another film was awarded the Best Young Filmmaker award at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival; she borrowed a line from the feature film Facing the Giants, when she added; "When we win we praise Him and when we lose we praise Him."

The movie, Unexpected News, is the story of the friendship of two young girls whose relationship is torn apart when one has to move to Chicago with her family. Miss Collins wrote the script and created the storyboards over a two week period herself.

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