Unexpected News An Extreme Days Production Written and Directed by Katie Collins

An Extreme Days Production
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About the Film
Synopsis of Unexpected News
Unexpected News is a story about Nancy and Emily, two young friends separated when Emily has to move away. After a neighborhood going away party, Emily expresses her deep misery to Nancy. Nancy tries to reassure Emily that they will meet each other again… in heaven. Emily doesn't understand about heaven, so Nancy gives Emily her Bible and tells her to read it. Months later, Nancy gets her Bible back. She doesn't know why until she finds a note from Emily that contains some unexpected news.

Two Friends are about to be torn apart. Emily's (Emily Bush) family is about to move half way across the country to Chicago. Before she does Nancy (Nancy Daines) has to share the good news with her. When Emily's Mother (Kristi Collins) interrupts the conversation, Nancy resorts to giving Emily her Bible. Nancy struggles with why God would allow their important conversation to be cut short. A couple of months later, when the Bible is returned Nancy is confused. Find out what happens when Nancy's mother (Angel Dowty) discovers a note from Emily.

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